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Welcome to the next step towards a more focused, healthier, you! 

R+Wellness offers two main services to help jump start your habit change journey. Clicking one of buttons below will allow you to explore both services and determine which one is right for you! 

After working together you will:

  • Have more energy and confidence to advocate for yourself.

  • Feel empowered to set boundaries without guilt.

  • Understand how to use nutrition and fitness as a tool to improve your overall mental health and wellbeing. 

  • Be able to understand how to improve your sleeping habits. 

  • Have a more balanced relationship between work and life! 

  • Be able to reduce your anxiety and regulate your emotions through mindfulness and positive psychology techniques. 

  • Have improved your relationship with food and have overcome your cycle of binge eating for dopamine.

  • Have an easier time prioritizing tasks and reducing overwhelm during task initiation. 

  • Understand how your ADHD presents in different areas of life and be able to modify your environment/triggers to reduce unwanted behaviors.

  • Have decreased your negative self talk and gained an understanding in the benefits of celebrating small wins to gain momentum/make progress.

  • Have more self awareness around your Dopamine Seeking behaviors and how to use them to your advantage. 


"I genuinely believe that Liliya is the most ideal coach for helping manage ADHD! She uses a holistic approach to address every aspect of life that impacts your ADHD and finds individualized strategies and systems that work to build healthy habits. Overall I am super happy with the experience that I had working with Liliya!”  


Registered Behavior Technician

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