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Using the science of behavior change to shape better lives.


I’m Liliya,

Holistic ADHD Coach

Founder of R+Wellness

I want to welcome you to the idea of a new, freeing, lifestyle where you form a new mindset and internal motivation that reduces your anxiety so you're finally able to think clearer & take back control of your body . A life where you can regulate your emotions instead of having outbursts when frustrated, or maybe your procrastination has decreased because you finally understand why you do it.

You are the master of your brain, I'm just here to guide you through using it to its full potential and living your healthiest, most focused, life. 

Here's to building on your strengths to improve your weaknesses!


Applied Behavior Analysis

The ultimate way to improve your health and well-being. 

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is the science devoted to understanding human behavior in order to increase socially significant, positive, behaviors. It can help you work towards sustained mental and physical wellness by teaching you to identify the behaviors you want to change, then determining what has been rewarding and maintaining those behaviors. It also helps us see whether we have been punished for engaging in positive behaviors in the past, now masking in order to fit in. 

Read more to know how it applies to improving life with ADHD. 

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