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The Story & The Vision

Get to know your Coach    


After 7 years in the field, I’ve learned mental health can be improved through a variety of practices. Often medication and therapy is pushed first, but it’s also important to work through environmental modifications, gain skills in self advocacy, increase self awareness, and improve nutrition and exercise behaviors.  My vision is to help people with ADHD understand how and when their symptoms manifest, use behavioral science to create an environment that they THRIVE in, and improve their wellness behaviors for optimum brain support. Leaving them with an environment and life of fulfillment, joy, and success.  ADHDer’s have often been misunderstood throughout their life. Many times they have tried hard to consciously or unconsciously hide their ADHD symptoms in an effort to be fully accepted by neurotypical society. For many this has resulted in low self trust, anxiety & even depression.  In coaching we focus on understanding and accepting your specific ADHD brain- learning how to work with it to set you up for even greater success, reduce overwhelm, and increase your overall quality of life.


Hi, I’m Liliya! 

Wife, mama to 3 fur babies (adding a real human one to the fam soon), lover of the mountains, as well as endless reruns of Schitt’s Creek & The Office. 

Most importantly, I help ADHDers improve and de-overwhelm their life! 




I was diagnosed with ADHD and Generalized Anxiety Disorder at 30- years- old. Since then, I’ve been on my own self- acceptance journey and now I get to use my unique background to help others discover and accept theirs (and my younger self would not even believe this). 


ADHD as an adult can be so isolating and confusing, yet f***ing amazing all at the same time. But only if you work to understand it first can you learn to use its strengths to your advantage. 


After 7 years of experience in the health & exercise field, an undergrad & masters degree in psychology (one specializing in the science of behavior), rabbit holes of research, and my own self discovery process, I learned that ADHD and the severity of experiencing its symptoms is based on 5 things: 

  1. Your past history of learning & experience growing up.  

  2. The foods you take in. 

  3. Your level of physical activity. 

  4. The life skills you’ve developed/not developed over time. 

  5. Whether you are or aren’t on medication (not a necessity but often a plus). 

Learning how your ADHD presents in life is going to be so important. 

When I got diagnosed my whole life made sense. 

  • The chronic lateness. 

  • The frequent loss of friends, relationships & jobs. 

  • Poor grades in classes I wasn’t interested in, yet loving to learn & getting good grades in my favorite classes. 

  • The disorganization in work and home

  • The emotional dysregulation & sensory needs (Don’t even get me started on this).

Reward yourself for small milestones, they're the ones building long term change


Once I worked through this 5 step process I was able to experience life more clearly, happily, with less stress, and more grace. 

  • Tasks weren’t as overwhelming because I understood how to work with my brain and energy levels for the day. 

  • Brain fog was nearly nonexistent because I was eating foods that fueled my nutrient deprived brain and allowed it to work at its utmost capacity, while exercise allowed me to reduce the extra energy I had that usually distracted me from the task at hand. 

  • I learned time management, organization skills, and how to create my own motivation when my dopamine was low. All of which helped ensure I was prioritizing what was important for that day and actually ENJOYED doing the mundane things, instead of getting distracted doing everything but my To-Do list. 

  • I accepted my energy would ebb and flow and my ADHD would show up during some of the most unexpected times, even when I was doing all the right things, and THAT WAS OK. 

  • I was able to take control of my emotions and reduce the symptoms of my generalized anxiety disorder tenfold by simply understanding how, when, and why my ADHD presents. Coping skills that aligned with what my body truly needed in the moment, not what I thought I needed, were my saving grace. 


I was successful, clear headed, emotionally in control, and finally felt like I knew myself. I didn’t have to wear a mask anymore to cover up my ADHD. 

I was (and still am) free and happy living as my true, neuro-spicy self. 


Let me help you do the same! 

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